DAR ES SALAAM − Attackers collecting body parts of albinos for witchcraft have hacked off the hand of a seven-year old boy in Tanzania, the latest in a series of bloody assaults, officials said on Sunday.

"The boy was attacked on Saturday by three people as he walked home with his four school friends," said Apolinary Macheta, the local government leader in Tanzania's southwestern Milepa district.
The boy, Mwigulu Magessa, is recovering in hospital, Macheta added.

The attack came just days after an albino mother of four had her arm chopped off by machete-wielding men, with police on Saturday saying they had arrested five men after discovering the decomposing limb hidden in a field.
In Tanzania, albinos are killed and dismembered due to a widespread belief that charms made from their body parts bring good fortune and prosperity.
Such ritual killings have also occurred in neighbouring Burundi and some of the attackers are suspected to be from Tanzania, where albino body parts can fetch thousands of dollars.


「少年は土曜日(2013/02/16)に、学校から4人の友人と下校中に、3人に襲われた。少年は病院で回復中である」とタンザニア南部のMilepa地方の行政責任者Apolinary Machetaは述べた。


[Tanzania boy assaulted in latest attack on albinos (2013/02/18) by AFP]
これまでにも、アルビノ殺人は報道されてきた。たとえば、2008年にはBBCのKaren Allenが、政権サイドはアルビノ殺人を抑止しようとしているものの、うまくいっていないという記事を書いている。
In Tanzania, 25 albinos have been killed in the past year.

The latest victim was a seven-month-old baby. He was mutilated on the orders of a witchdoctor peddling the belief that potions made from an albino's legs, hair, hands, and blood can make a person rich.

Sorcery and the occult maintain a strong foothold in this part of the world, especially in the remote rural areas around the fishing and mining regions of Mwanza, on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Nobody seems to know why the killings are happening now, but Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete is now putting pressure on the police to identify where albinos live and offer them protection.





誰も殺人が今起きている理由を知らないようだが、タンザニア大統領Jakaya Kikweteは、アルビノの生活場所の特定と保護の実施について警察に強く圧力をかけている。

[Living in fear: Tanzania's albinos (2008/7/21) on BBC]
They were found guilty of attacking Matatizo Dunia and severing his legs in Bukombe district in Shinyanga province.

In the past two years there has been a huge rise in murders of albino people. Witchdoctors use their body parts in potions they claim bring prosperity.

Dozens of people have been arrested, but the justice system is notoriously slow and this is the first conviction.
In July a court in neighbouring Burundi sentenced one person to life in prison and eight others to jail for the murder of albino people whose remains were sold in Tanzania.

The three men attacked and killed the young boy last December - one of a string of more than 50 albino murders that have taken place in Tanzania over the past two years.

彼らは、Shinyanga県Bukombe地方で、Matatizo DUniaを襲って、脚を切り落としたとして有罪判決を受けた。




[Death for Tanzania albino killers (2009/09/23) on BBC]
Under the Same Sun, a Vancouver-based NGO, put the toll of albino murders at 57 in Tanzania.

The group reported the killing on May 2 of a 28 year-old albino woman and her four year-old son in Cendajuru, on Burundi's border with Tanzania.

The two had their limbs and organs hacked off by a gang of nine armed men, and the boy's non-albino grandfather who intervened to stop them was killed on the spot, the group said, citing Burundi's police chief Deogratias Ntahompagaze.

Under the Same Sun noted another murder and four attempted murders of albinos in Tanzania between February and April.

"This brings the total in Tanzania to 57 murders and six attempted murders, where victims lost limbs. In Burundi the total is 14 murders. These are only the documented cases. The numbers are likely much higher - estimates suggesting well over a hundred in the last two years," the NGO said.

"Sadly justice has been far too slow in coming. Of the 63 reported cases in Tanzania, a mere two have been brought to conviction in the last two years. In sharp contrast, 12 of Burundi's 14 cases have led to convictions," the group said.

The wave of albino killings started in 2007, fuelled by the sale of their highly-prized body parts to witch doctors across the region who use them to concoct wealth-enhancing charms.

バンクーバーを拠点とするNGO"Under the Same Sun"が、57人のタンザニアでのアルビノ殺人事件の犠牲者を置いた。このNGOは、タンザニアとの国境近くのブルンジンのCendajuruの28歳のアルビノの女性と彼女の4歳の息子が、2010年5月2日に殺ろされたことを報告した。「二人は9人の武装した男たちの一団に襲われ、四肢と内臓を奪われた。少年のアルビノでない祖父がこれを止めようとしたが、その場で殺された」という、ブルンジの警察長官Deogratias Ntahompagazeの発言を引用する形でNGOは報告した。

"Under the Same Sun"は、2月と4月にもタンザニアで4件のアルビノ殺人未遂があったことを指摘した。




[Seven new albino killings in Tanzania and Burundi (2010/05/06) on Telegraph]
At least 63 albinos, including children, are known to have been killed, mostly in the remote northwest of the country.

"We believe there are hundreds and hundreds of killings in Tanzania, but only a small number are being reported to the police," Peter Ash, founder and director of Under The Same Sun (UTSS), told Reuters.

"There is belief that if you have relations with a girl with albinism, you will cure AIDS. So there are many girls with albinism who are being raped in this country because of this belief, which is a false belief."


NGO"Under The Same Sun"の創設者であり、責任者であるPeter AshはReutersに対して「我々は何百人ものアルビノがタンザニアで殺されているが、警察に報告されているのはごくわずかだと考えている。アルビノの少女と関係を持つとAIDSが治癒するという信条もある。この誤った信条のせいで、多くのアルビノの少女がこの国ではレイプされている。

[Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala:"" ("2011/05/05) by Reuters]
More than 100 albinos have been violently attacked in Tanzania from 2006 to June of this year − 71 died and 31 escaped, though most were maimed. The attacks are so brazen that the government has opened boarding schools for albino children for their own protection.

"In society, there are people such as witch doctors who look for body parts; people will kill albinos to make magic," says Isaac Timothy, an albino activist in the gold-mining town of Geita, where belief in witchcraft is widespread.

"When you bring [a witch doctor] a body part, such as an arm, a leg or a finger, the witch doctor will make a potion with it," Timothy says. "A miner will pour it in the ground where he wants to find minerals or a fisherman will pour it in his canoe."

On the southern shore of Lake Victoria, a fisherman in a baseball cap and ragged pants, who doesn't want to give his name, looks up from digging worms.

"I don't believe albino body parts are useful to catch fish," he says, leaning on his spade, "but other people use albinos to catch more fish and become rich. Wherever I throw my net is good enough for me."


ウッチクラフト信条が広まっている金山の町Geitaのアルビノ活動家Isaac Timothyは言う。「社会には、人体の部位を探し求めるウィッチドクター、魔術のためにアルビノを殺す人々がいる。腕とか脚とか指とか、体の部位をウィッチドクターに持っていくと、ウィッチドクターはそれでポーションをつくる。鉱脈を見つけた採鉱者はポーションを地面に注ぎ、漁師は自分ノカヌーにポーションを注ぐ。」


[JOHN BURNETT:"Tanzania's Albinos Face Constant Threat Of Attack" (2012/11/30) on NPR]
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