A Northeast Philadelphia couple sentenced to probation for practicing faith healing after the 2009 death of their ill toddler son are again under criminal investigation in connection with the death of their 8-month-old son Thursday.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible - members of a church that shuns medical care - were convicted of involuntary manslaughter for failing to bring their 2-year-old son to a doctor when he was sick with bacterial pneumonia. The couple had prayed over the sick child and called a funeral director when he died.

A judge ordered the Schaibles to arrange care for their seven other children by a "qualified medical practitioner." Now, with the death of another child, the Schaibles face a court hearing next week for possibly violating their parole.

Tasha Jamerson, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office, would not discuss details of the investigation but said the terms of the Schaibles' probation were clear.

"All of the children in their care had to have regular doctor's appointments and visits," she said Friday, "and if a child was sick, they were required to consult a medical practitioner and follow their recommendations and advice to the letter."

Brandon Schaible was born last Aug. 31. It is unclear if the child had medical problems.


医療忌避教会のメンバーであるHerbert SchaibleとCatherine Schaibleは、自分たちの2歳の息子が細菌性肺炎に罹った時、医師のもとに連れて行かなかったとして、過失致死罪で有罪判決を受けた。夫婦は病気の息子について、祈り、息子が死亡すると、葬儀屋を呼んだ。


地方検事局の広報担当Tasha Jamersonは、捜査の詳細を説明しなかったが、Schaibles夫妻の保護観察の条件が明確であると述べた。「夫婦が養育している子供たちは、定期的な医師の予約及び訪問を受ける必要があった。子供が病気になったら、医師に相談し、医師の推奨や助言に従わなければならなかった」と広報担当Tasha Jamersonは金曜日(2013/04/19)に述べた。

2012年8月31日に生まれたBrandon Schaibleに、医学的問題があったかどうかは不明である。

Around 8 p.m. Thursday, the couple called the John F. Fluehr & Sons funeral home on Cottman Avenue and said the infant had died, according to a police report.

The funeral home notified the Medical Examiner's Office, which informed police. Paramedics who responded to the Rhawn Street house pronounced the child dead at 8:35. Investigators processed the house as a crime scene, according to the report.

Homicide detectives questioned the Schaibles at Police Headquarters Friday, said Capt. James Clark of the Homicide Unit.

The couple were released pending the medical examiner's ruling on what caused the child's death, he said.

"The investigation is still in the preliminary stages," Clark said. "Once the medical examiner makes a ruling, we will take statements from the parents and confer with the District Attorney's Office to find out what, if any, charges will be brought against these parents."

警察の報告書によれば、木曜日の午後8時頃、夫婦はCottman AvenueのJohn F. Fluehr & Sons葬儀社に連絡して、乳児が死亡したと伝えた。葬儀社は、監察医に通知し、が警察に通知した。 Rhawn Streetの家に出向いた救急は午後8時35分に子供の死亡を確認した。警察の報告書によれば、捜査官たちは家を犯罪現場として取り扱った。監察医

警察本部で、殺人課はSchaibles夫妻を尋問したと、殺人課長のJames Clark 警部は述べた。子供の死因についての医学審査官の判断が出るまで、夫婦は釈放されると、警部は述べた。「捜査はまだ予備的な段階であり、監察医が判断を下したら、我々は夫婦から弁明を受けて、夫婦にどのような責任があるか、地方検事局と協議する」と述べた。

No one answered the Schaibles' front door Friday night.

Bobby Hoof, a lawyer who represented Herbert Schaible, did not return calls to his office late Friday. Mythri Jayaraman, who represented Catherine Schaible, also could not be reached.


Herbert Schaibleの弁護人であるBobby Hoofは、金曜日夜遅くまで、折り返しの電話をかけてこなかった。Catherine Schaibleの弁護人であるMythri Jayaramanには連絡が取れなかった。

Kent Schaible died in 2009 after having pneumonia for two weeks.

Prosecutors said the Schaibles put their belief in faith healing above the child's best interests by praying over him instead of seeking medical care.

"We tried to fight the devil, but in the end the devil won," Herbert Schaible told a city social worker investigating the child's death.

None of the children had ever gone to a doctor or received medication.

Common Pleas Court Judge Carolyn Engle Temin sentenced the Schaibles to 10 years on probation and ordered them to schedule regular medical exams for their children until they turned 18.

The couple agreed to submit to periodic checks by probation officers and to open their children's medical records as requested.

2009年に、Kent Schaibleは肺炎を二週間患った後、死亡した。


「我々は悪魔と戦おうとしたが、最終的には悪魔が勝った」とHerbert Schaibleは、子供の死を調査した市のソーシャルワーカーに話した。


通常事件裁判所のCarolyn Engle Temin判事はSchaibles夫妻に、執行猶予10年を宣告し、子供たちが18歳になるまで、子供たちの定期的な健康診断をスケジュールするよう命じた。


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