In his quest to find environment-friendly fuel-efficient cars, Ratan Tata, head of Tata Motors, is financially supporting a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor researching into using the power of sun and water to power homes as well as electric cars.

Speaking yesterday at a press conference convened by the Chemical Research Society of India in Bangalore, scientist C N R Rao said Tata has given $15 million to fund the ongoing research that is being conducted by MIT professor Daniel Nocera.

環境フレンドリーで燃費の良い車を見出そうという挑戦において、TATA MotorsのトップであるRatan Tataは、太陽と水の力で、家庭や電気自動車にエネルギーを供給するというMITの教授の研究に資金援助する。

バンガロールで行われたインド化学研究学会の昨日(2010/12/31)の記者会見で、科学者CNR RaoはTataが、MITのDaniel Nocera教授の指導する進行中の研究に1500万ドルを提供したと述べた。

Nocera, listed in 2009 by Time Magazine as one of the world's 100 most influential people, has found a sustainable and clean way to use the sun's energy to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which can be stored and recombined in a fuel cell to get carbon-free electricity that can be used in homes as well as electric cars.

Photovoltaic energy derived from solar panels on roof of homes is fed into Nocera's newly discovered platinum-based catalyst called Sun Catalytix electrolyzer that converts the hydrogen molecules from a gallon of even dirty or salt water into hydrogen gas, which in turn can be recombined in a fuel cell to give the electricity needed to power homes and electric cars.


家屋の屋根のソーラーパネルで発電した電力が、Nocera教授の新発見の白金ベースの触媒であるSun Catalytix 電解装置に供給され、汚水や塩水からでも水素ガスを生成する。この水素は燃料電池で再結合して、家庭や電気自動車の電力となる。

Currently, Nocera is using platinum for his Sun Catalytix electrolyzer to convert hydrogen molecules into hydrogen gas, but, in order to make it economically viable, Nocera has to find another material or metal that can used to replace the expensive platinum.

The $15 million has been infused by Tata into Nocera's start-up company, which plans to build a prototype of the entire system.

現在は、Nocera教授は、水素分子を水素ガスに転換するSun Catalytix電解装置に白金を使っているが、経済的に有効なものにするには、高価な白金の代わりになる別の物質あるいは金属を見つける必要がある。


[Tata funding research into converting sun power, water into fuel (2011/01/01) on domain-b]


Technology Review: You're studying photosynthesis to get ideas for how to convert sunlight into a chemical fuel--hydrogen--for use when the sun isn't shining or in powering fuel-cell vehicles.


Daniel Nocera: You can use the electricity directly when the sun is out, in places that have sun. [But] you need storage. There's absolutely no way around it. I am distilling the essence of photosynthesis down to be able to use it.


[Supplying the World's Energy Needs with Light and Water (2007/05/09) on Technology Review]
MITのDaniel Nocera教授の研究グループのページにも人工光合成についての記載がある。
[Daniel G. Nocera -- The Henry Dreyfus Professor of Energy and Professor of Chemistry ]

The Nocera group studies the energy conversion in biology and chemistry. Efforts have focused on understanding the reactions of multielectron, proton-coupled transformations of energy poor substrates. From this platform, the group has successfully used solar light to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Recently, they have realized artificial photosynthesis by the solar splitting of water under benign conditions. In doing so, the Nocera group can now provide solar energy/storage and clean water to the poor and those of the non-legacy world.

[Sebastian Blanco: "Old video of air-powered car making the rounds at YouTube" (2006/10/14) on Autoblog Green]

Even though the YouTube video was uploaded in February 2006, the original CNN broadcast was from 2004

{The Compressed Air Technology behind MDI's Air Car]

The MDI Air Car compressed air technology engine incorporates various innovative and unpublished systems, i.e. in its very conception (Compressed air for fuel), in the materials it uses (Plastic parts, vegetable oil in the engine) and in its technical design.


[Sebastian Blanco: "India's Tata Motors and France's MDI sign agreement to build compressed air-powered cars" (2007/02/08) on Autoblog Green]

India's largest automaker, Tata Motors, announced this week it will partner up with MDI of France, a technology invention company, to develop engines powered by compressed air. Tata says the agreement "envisages Tata's supporting further development and refinement of the technology, and its application and licensing for India." MDI is the company behind The Air Car.

インド最大の自動車メーカーであるTATA Motorsは今週(2007/02)、テクノロジー革新企業であるフランスのMDIと提携し、圧縮空気で動くエンジンの開発を行う。TATAは提携合意は「TATAのサポートによる、技術のさらなる開発と改良およびインドへの適用とライセンシングを想定している。」MDIはエアカーの技術開発会社である。

[Tata OneCat compressed air car by 2009 (2008/02/19) on DanceWithShadow]

Tata Motors plans to launch the OneCat, a car running on compressed air by 2009.

The car is expected to be a five-seater with a glass fiber body, which would weigh just 350 kg and cost just about Rs 2 lakh. The project is backed for an undisclosed sum by Tata, which says it may also use the technology for power generation.

TATA Motorsは2009年までに圧縮空気で走る自動車OneCatを立ち上げることを計画している。この車は5席あり、350kgなグラスファイバーの車体、コスト2万ルピーを予定している。

[Sindhu Bhattacharya: "TaMo’s ambitious ‘Air Car’ faces starting trouble" (2009/11/15) on DNA india]

The much hyped ‘Air Car’ project that Tata Motors undertook along with French engineering firm MDI two years back appears to be facing some technological challenges. This project aims to develop a car that can run purely on compressed air, without using any other source of fuel. The compressed air expands inside the vehicle and the energy so released powers the vehicle.

TATA Motorsがフランスのエンジニアリング会社MDIと2年前から進めている、話題の自動車エアカープロジェクトが技術的な問題に直面している。このプロジェクトは圧縮空気だけで、その他の燃料を使わずに走る自動車を開発することを目指している。圧縮空気は自動車の中で膨張し、放出したエネルギーで自動車を動かす。

[AMI CHOLIA: "Tata Teams Up With MIT To Turn Water Into Fuel" (2011/01/03) on AltTransport]

Tata has previously invested money into MDI’s air car, though that car hasn’t seen the light of day yet.


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