Uganda's parliament has passed a bill to toughen the punishment for homosexual acts to include life imprisonment in some cases.

The anti-homosexuality bill also makes it a crime punishable by a prison sentence not to report gay people. The prime minister opposed the vote, saying not enough MPs were present.
The BBC's Catherine Byaruhanga in Kampala says that Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi might follow up on his complaints about a lack of quorum, while it remains to be seen whether President Yoweri Museveni will sign the bill into law.

ウガンダ議会は、ホモセクシュアル行為について、終身刑を含む、懲罰を強化する法案を通過させた。反ホモセクシュアル法案は、ゲイの人々を通報しなかった場合にも、懲役刑で懲罰することを可能とする。首相は出席議員が定足数不足であると述べて、採決に反対した。Kampala駐在のBBCのCatherine Byaruhangaによれば、Amama Mbabazi首相は議決の定足数不足を追及するかもしれない。Yoweri Museveni大統領が法案に署名するまでは、法律として成立しない。

The private member's bill originally proposed the death penalty for some offences, such as if a minor was involved or the perpetrator was HIV-positive, but this has been replaced with life in prison.


[Ugandan MPs pass life in jail anti-homosexual law (2013/12/20) on BBC]
政府側はゲイ終身刑法案に反対している。そして、Guardianの報道によれば、ゲイ権利運動家たちは、Yoweri Museveni大統領に拒否権発動を求めている。また、国外からの圧力(援助削減など)もあり、拒否権発動の可能性もある。





Ruling party MP David Bahati wants the death penalty for those having gay sex with disabled people, under-18s or when the accused is HIV-positive.

ウガンダの与党MPのDavid Bahatiは、障害者あるいは18未満とゲイセックスするか、ゲイセックスしたときHIV陽性なゲイを死刑にしようとしている。 ....

The BBC's Joshua Mmali, in the capital Kampala, says the bill has a good chance of being passed as senior figures from the ruling National Resistance Movement are likely to back it.

首都Kampala駐在のBBCのJoshua Mmaliによれば、この法案を与党National Resistance Movementが支持するもようであり、法案が成立する可能性が高い。

[Uganda MP urges death for gay sex (2009/10/15) on BBC]
Gay sex is already illegal in Uganda, and can result in long prison sentences. The bill broadens the definition to include any form of sexual relations between people of the same sex, which could result in life imprisonment, and threatens those guilty of "promotion of homosexuality" with up to seven years in prison, an attack on freedom of expression which would also damage Aids prevention efforts.


A new offence of "aggravated homosexuality" would carry the death penalty, covering sex with someone under 18 or who is disabled or in the case of a "serial offender". This also undermines the right of disabled adults capable of informed consent to enjoy intimate relationships, insultingly reducing them to the status of "victims". Any "person in authority" aware of an offence under the new law who did not report it to the authorities could face three years' imprisonment, including anyone who exercises "religious, political, economic or social authority". ... The law would apply not only within Uganda but also to Ugandans abroad.

「悪化する同性愛」への新たな刑罰は、18歳未満もしくは障害者とのゲイセックスおよび連続犯に対して死刑もありうる。これは告知に基づく深い関係を楽しむ障害成人を被害者とすることで、その権利をむしばむものでもある。犯罪を知りながら当局の届け出なかった、宗教・誠意・経済・社会的な「権力者」は3年以下の懲役になる可能性がある。... この法律は、ウガンダ国内のみならず、海外居住のウガンダ人にも適用される。
[Savitri Hensman:"A new homophobic law in Uganda" (2009/10/27) on Guardian]
The bill is a particular challenge for Christians because clergy have helped to whip up fear and hatred and undermine respect for human rights. Nicodemus Okille, Dean of the Province of Uganda, in his Christmas sermon in 2007 as Bishop of Bukedi, reportedly condemned advocates of gay rights as having no place in the kingdom of God. "The team of homosexuals is very rich," claimed Archbishop Henry Orombi in 2008. "They have money and will do whatever it takes to make sure that this vice penetrates Africa. We have to stand out and say no to them." However Angl
ican Bishop Stanley Ntagali of Masindi-Kitara diocese has recently spoken out against the death penalty for homosexuality, while supporting imprisonment.

聖職者が恐れと憎悪を刺激し、人権尊重を傷つけてきたので、この法案はキリスト教徒への挑戦でもある。ウガンダ大聖堂主任司祭であるNicodemus OkilleはBukedi主教として2007年の説教で、伝えられるところにでは、ゲイ権利運動は神の国にはあってはならないと非難した。「同性愛者たちは非常に豊かである。彼らは金を持っていて、この悪癖をアフリカに浸透させるためならなんでもやる。我々は立ち上がり、彼らにノート言わなければならない」とHenry Orombi大主教は2008年に述べた。しかし、聖公会Masindi-KitaraのBishop Stanley Ntagali主教は懲役は支持するが、死刑には反対だと述べた。
Christian leaders overseas who have helped to give credibility to homophobic Ugandan bishops and pastors while supposedly proclaiming a message of love and justice for all. Some US evangelists have endorsed Pa
stor Martin Ssempa, an anti-LGBT crusader. Anglican leaders such as the Archbishop of Canterbury have avoided challenging their Ugandan associates' complicity in anti-LGBT abuses while soundly condemning Anglican provinces moving towards equality for all.

海外のキリスト教指導者たちは、すべての人に愛と正義のメッセージを宣言する一方で、ホモ嫌悪のウガンダの宗教や牧師に信憑性を与えた。米国の一部の福音主義者たちは、反LGBT改革運動者Martin Ssempa牧師を支持した。カンタベリー大主教のような英国国教会の指導者たちは、反LGBT虐待について、ウガンダの聖公会の共謀について疑問を呈することを避けつつ、すべての人の平等へ向けてのウガンダの聖公会の動きを非難した。

[Savitri Hensman:"A new homophobic law in Uganda" (2009/10/27) on Guardian]
海外からの大きな影響として、米国を本拠地とするキリスト教団体The Fellowship(設立1935年、旧称The Family, 1969年以降Douglas Coeが指導者)が挙げられている。
Sadly, this witch-hunt has the blood stained fingerprints of leading American evangelicals. The Fellowship, (aka The Family) one of America's most powerful and secretive fundamentalist organization's, converted Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni to its anti-gay brand of Christianity, which is the "intellect
ual" impetus behind the anti-gay crackdown. The clandestine organization's leader, Doug Coe, calls Museveni The Fellowship's "key man" in Africa. Jeff Sharlet, author of "The Family", writes of the African strongman's conversion:

悲しいことに、この魔女狩りには、米国の指導的福音主義者たちの血染めの指紋がある。米国で最強かつ秘密主義の原理主義組織のひとつであるThe Fellow Ship(別名The Familiy)は、ウガンダのYoweri Museveni大統領をキリスト教の反ゲイに転向させた。この団体は、反ゲイの背後にある知的運動体である。この秘密団体の指導者であるDoug Coeは、Museveni大統領をアフリカにおけるThe Fellowshipのキーマンと位置づけている。"The Family"の著者Jeff Sharletは、アフリカの有力者の転向について、こう書いている:
So," Doug Coe told us, "my friend said to the president, 'why don't you come and pray with me in America? I have a good group of friends-senators, congressmen-who I like to pray with, and they'd like to pray with you.' And that president came to the Cedars (a religious retreat), and he met Jesus. And his name is Yoweri Museveni...And he is a good friend o
f the Family.

Doug Coeは我々に「我が友が大統領に『米国に来て私たちとともに祈りませんか?私には上下両院議員のグループがあり、私は彼らと、そして彼らはあなたとともに祈りたいと思っています』と告げた。そして大統領はCedars(宗教施設)に来て、イエスと相まみえた。その人の名はYoweri Museveniである。彼はThe Familityの良き友である。

[Wayne Besen: "American Evangelicals Play Role In Uganda Effort To ‘Wipe Out’ Gays" (2009/10/21) on Falls Church News-Press Online]
このThe Fellopshipのウガンダへの関与はこの件だけではない。
It is important for people to understand that The Fellowship and other anti-gay groups have long viewed Uganda as a laboratory to experiment with Christian theocracy. For example, fundamentalist organizations recently undermined successful HIV programs in Uganda by demanding abstinence only education, over condom use, which had been working to reduce infection rates.

The Fellowshipや他の反ゲイグループが長きにわたりウガンダをキリスト教神政の実験場とみなしてきたことを知ることは重要である。たとえば、原理主義団体は最近、感染率を削減することに役立っていたコンドーム使用よりも禁欲教育計画を要求することで、うまくいっていたHIV対策を損なっている。

[Wayne Besen: "American Evangelicals Play Role In Uganda Effort To ‘Wipe Out’ Gays" (2009/10/21) on Falls Church News-Press Online]
ウガンダでゲイ死刑や禁欲教育を推進する一方で、The Fellowship(The Family)のメンバーはといえば...
The Family, of course, recently made headlines because one of its key members, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) had sex with his best friends wife, while they were working together.

The Familyはもちろん最近、キーメンバーのひとりである共和党ネバダ州選出John Ensign連邦上院議員が共に働く親友の妻とセックスしたことで、報道をにぎわわせた。

[Wayne Besen: "American Evangelicals Play Role In Uganda Effort To ‘Wipe Out’ Gays" (2009/10/21) on Falls Church News-Press Online]

WASHINGTON — Early last year, Senator John Ensign contacted a small circle of political and corporate supporters back home in Nevada — a casino designer, an airline executive, the head of a utility and several political consultants — seeking work for a close friend and top Washington aide, Douglas Hampton.

“He’s a competent guy, and he’s looking to come back to Nevada. Do you know of anything?” one patron recalled Mr. Ensign asking.

The job pitch left out one salient fact: the senator was having an affair with Mr. Hampton’s wife, Cynthia, a campaign aide.

[ERIC LICHTBLAU and ERIC LIPTON: "Senator’s Aid After Affair Raises Flags Over Ethics" (2009/10/02) on New York Times]


KAMPALA, Uganda ― Last March, three American evangelical Christians, whose teachings about “curing” homosexuals have been widely discredited in the United States, arrived here in Uganda’s capital to give a series of talks.

The theme of the event, according to Stephen Langa, its Ugandan organizer, was “the gay agenda ― that whole hidden and dark agenda” ― and the threat homosexuals posed to Bible-based values and the traditional African family.


イベントのテーマはウガンダ側のオーガナイザーStephen Langaによれば、「ゲイのアジェンダ、隠されたダークなアジェンダと、聖書を基盤とする価値観および伝統的アフリカの家族に対する同性愛の脅威」だった。

For three days, according to participants and audio recordings, thousands of Ugandans, including police officers, teachers and national politicians, listened raptly to the Americans, who were presented as experts on homosexuality. The visitors discussed how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how “the gay movement is an evil institution” whose goal is “to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.”


Now the three Americans are finding themselves on the defensive, saying they had no intention of helping stoke the kind of anger that could lead to what came next: a bill to impose a death sentence for homosexual behavior.


One month after the conference, a previously unknown Ugandan politician, who boasts of having evangelical friends in the American government, introduced the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009, which threatens to hang homosexuals, and, as a result, has put Uganda on a collision course with Western nations.


[JEFFREY GETTLEMAN: "Americans’ Role Seen in Uganda Anti-Gay Push (2010/01/03) on NY Times]
The three Americans who spoke at the conference ― Scott Lively, a missionary who has written several books against homosexuality, including “7 Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child”; Caleb Lee Brundidge, a self-described former gay man who leads “healing seminars”; and Don Schmierer, a board member of Exodus International, whose mission is “mobilizing the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality” ― are now trying to distance themselves from the bill.

イベントで講演した3人の米国人は、「あなたの子供を陸軍新兵にする7ステップ」など同性愛に関する本を書いたScott Liveryと、自称元ゲイで"ゲイ治療セミナー"を指導するCaleb Lee Brundidgeと、同性愛の影響を受ける世界に優美と真理を広めるためにキリスト教団体を動員することをミッションとする"Exodus International"の理事である Don Schmiererで、彼らは今や法案から距離をとろうとしている。

“I feel duped,” Mr. Schmierer said, arguing that he had been invited to speak on “parenting skills” for families with gay children. He acknowledged telling audiences how homosexuals could be converted into heterosexuals, but he said he had no idea some Ugandans were contemplating the death penalty for homosexuality.

“That’s horrible, absolutely horrible,” he said. “Some of the nicest people I have ever met are gay people.”


[JEFFREY GETTLEMAN: "Americans’ Role Seen in Uganda Anti-Gay Push (2010/01/03) on NY Times]
全力回避行動中のScott Livelyは、イベントがあった2009年3月に次のように書いていた。
And remember that homosexuality is literally illegal in this country. Imagine how bad things would be if the criminal law were abandoned. By the way, the false accusation against me, now circulating in the US, is that I called on the Ugandan government to force homosexuals into therapy. What I actually said is that the law against homosexuality should be liberalized to give arrestees the choice of therapy instead of imprisonment, similar to the therapy option I chose after being arrested for drunk driving in 1985 (during which time I accepted the L
ord and was healed and transformed into a Christian activist).



On the positive side, my host and ministry partner in Kampala, Stephen Langa, was overjoyed with the results of our efforts and predicted confidently that the coming weeks would see significant improvement in the moral climate of the nation, and a massive increase in pro-family activism in every social sphere. He said that a respected observer of society in Kampala had told him that our campaign was like a nuclear bomb against the "gay" agenda in Uganda. I pray that this, and the predictions, are true.

良い面として、私を招待した、KampalaでのミニストリのパートナーでもあるStephen Langaは、我々の努力を喜び、自信を持って、ウガンダの倫理の雰囲気が今後数週間で大きく改善し、社会のあらゆるところに家族を優先する活動が大きく増えることを予言した。彼は、Kamplaの社会の敬意を払われているオブザーバーから、我々の運動がウガンダでゲイのアジェンダに対して核爆弾のようなものだと告げられた。私はこれと、予言が真実になるように祈る。

[Dr. Scott Lively: " Report from Uganda (2009/03/17)]


全速回避行動を取る、米国Kansas Cityの福音主義キリスト教団体TheCallのLou Engleは、ウガンダのゲイ死刑法案について、次のような声明をだしていた:
TheCall had no knowledge at the time, of the Uganda homosexual bill and the controversy surrounding it...TheCall has been wrongfully marked and vilified as an organization promoting hatred and violence against homosexuals and as one that supports the Uganda bill as currently written... We do not see the character of Christ reflected in some key aspects of the language of the current bill.

しかし、New York Timesの報道によれば、2010年5月2日にウガンダのMakerere Universityでの1300人を集めた礼拝で、Lou Engleは次のような発言をしていた:
But when he took the stage late on Sunday afternoon, with Ugandan politicians and pastors looking on, he praised the country’s “courage” and “righteousness” in promoting the bill.

“NGOs, the U.N., Unicef, they are all coming in here and promoting an agenda,” Mr. Engle said, referring to nongovernmental organizations. “Today, America is losing its religious freedom. We are trying to restrain an agenda that is sweeping through the education system. Uganda has become ground zero.”

しかし、日曜日の午後遅くに、ウガンダの政治家と牧師たちが見守る中で舞台に立ったLou Engleは法案を推進するウガンダの勇気と正義を称賛した。


[JOSH KRON: "In Uganda, Push to Curb Gays Draws U.S. Guest" (2010/05/02) on NewYork Times, 魚拓]
この礼拝&集会について、Huffington PostのWaymon Hudson:はこの礼拝について、現地のLGBT[レズ・ゲイ・バイセクシュアル・トランスジェンダー)の権利擁護団体からのレポートを紹介している:
One long-time Ugandan LGBT rights activist, who asked that I not share his name for fear of his safety and that of his family, sent me this chilling first-hand report of TheCall Uganda rally, which he attended:

彼と家族の安全のために名前を公開しないことを求めているウガンダのLGBT権利活動家が、彼が参加したTheCall Uganndaの集会のレポートを直接、私に送ってくれた。
Pastor John Mulinde of Trumpet Church, in his prayer, condemned evils in society done by both homosexuals and heterosexuals. He emphasized that homosexuality is in schools, families, and the entire community. He also pointed out that many children are being deceived with school fees from homosexuals and recruit them into the act.

Pastor Lou Engle from America noted that he didn't know by the time of his invitation to Uganda that there was a homosexuality bill. He went ahead to emphasize that it is the Western World using non-government organizations to promote homosexuality. He warned the youth in the crowd that when America allowed homosexuals freedom it was the end of their nation.

He [Engle] called upon the government of Uganda to be firm and hold on its righteous stand against the evil. He mentioned that homosexuals have penetrated the educational system and Ugandans must be aware of the evil. He also lectured about how God planned marriage only between man and woman and that marriage is for procreation.

Honorable Minister of Ethics Nsaba Buturu was worse. He spoke out against homosexuality, saying that for those who think it's a human right issue 'Uganda cannot listen to that nonsense.' He asked the audience to pray for president Museveni and his government to maintain their firms stand against evil in our society.

Pastor Mulinde then called his fellow pastor to come forward and pray for Buturo and Bahati and the government to continue with their crusade against homosexuality.

Trumpet ChurchのJohn Mulinde牧師は、同性愛者と異性愛者が行う社会の悪を非難した。彼は同性愛が学校と家族と社会全体に存在することを強調した。彼はさらに、多くの子どもたちが、同性愛者たちの負担してくれる授業料に騙され、同性案者の活動にリクルートされていると指摘した。

米国から来たLou Engle牧師は、ウガンダに招待された時、同性愛法案について知らなかったと述べた。彼は非政府組織を使って同性愛を推進するのが西側世界だと強調した。彼は聴衆の中の若者たちに、米国が同性愛者の自由を認めた時、国が終わりを告げたと警告した。


栄光ある倫理相Nsba Buturuはさらに悪かった。彼は同性愛者に敵対する発言をし、それが人権問題だと考える人々に対して「ウガンダはそのようなナンセンスに対して聞く耳持たない」と述べた。彼は、我々の社会の悪に対してゆるぎない立場を堅持するように、Museveni大統領と政権に対して祈るように聴衆に求めた。

[Waymon Hudson:American Evangelical Lou Engle Promotes 'Kill the Gays' Bill at Sunday's Rally in Uganda" (2010/05/04) on Huffington Post]
米国カンザス州のLou Engle牧師は現地では元気よく、アンチゲイをぶちあげている。招待をうけたときゲイ死刑法案を知らなかったという言い訳を何故したのか、忘れてしまったようだ。


[Uganda's parliament has adjourned without debating a controversial bill which includes the death penalty for some homosexual acts. (2011/05/13) on BBC]

It had been reported that a vote could be held on Friday. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill has been condemned by Western leaders and human rights groups, some of whom are celebrating victory. The bill, first introduced in 2009, could still be brought up when the new parliament meets later this year. Uganda is a largely conservative society and many people condemn homosexuality both as un-African and un-Christian. ...


一方、この法案の背後で動いていた米国福音主義者たちのひとりで、全速退避行動をしたScott Livelyが、このたび、反ゲイ団体"Americans for Truth About Homesexuality"から表彰されることになった。
Scott Lively to be honored

As you will know if you have ever attended an Americans For Truth banquet or speaking event, they are very special occasions. Our banquet this year will be made more special by the appearance of Scott Lively (right), a brilliant, veteran Christian culture warrior who has been leading the resistance against the homosexualist juggernaut − in the USA and across the world – for more than two decades. We will honor Scott, who has suffered greatly for doing good and honoring God and His Truth.

"Americans For Truth"のバケットや講演会に参加したことがある人なら、ご存じのように、これらは特別な機会である。我々の今年のバンケットは、ホモセクシュアリストな判決に対して、米国と世界中で20年にわたり戦い続けた、すぐれたベテランキリスト教文化の戦士であるScott Livelyの登場で、さらに特別な機会となる。善行と神と神の真理への崇拝について苦しんできたScottを我々は表彰する。

[Moody Pastor Dr. Erwin Lutzer to Keynote AFTAH Banquet October 15 (2011/08/23) on Americans for Truth About Homesexuality]
もちろん、Scott Lively本人も元気よく吠え続けている。
We need to stand firmly and unapologetically on the hard truth that homosexuality is not a benign, morally neutral social phenomenon. It is an insidious and contagious form of sexual perversion condemned by God as an abomination. I cringe even writing these words because I know the wrath I am inviting on myself. Still, someone needs to say this boldly and publicly because it is the truth, and only the truth can set us free of the political correctness that has imprisoned us until now.

The homosexual agenda represents an existential threat to Christian civilization and we're in the final phase of the war, losing badly. It all hinges upon you, Christian reader. Either get into the "game" in earnest, immediately, or wave goodbye.



[Scott Lively: "'Gay' culture war: It's nearly lost" (2011/09/23) on WolrdNetDaily]
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