HDC 77


15. During a period of crisis and when so directed, Health Authorities should arrange for all patients in hospitals, nursing and convalescent homes, whose retention was not medically essential, to be sent home. The purpose of this evacuation would be to free hospitals to deal with later casualties, to afford patients the greater protection that dispersal to their own homes would provide and to allow for the redistribution of equipment and staff. It is hoped that there would be sufficient warning of an attack to allow seven days for the discharge of patients, but plans should allow for a more rapid discharge should this become necessary.


[Home Defence Circular HDC 77 1 quoted inhills borough independent gov uk]
強制的な退院のシーンが「Threads (BBC 1984) 32:53」にある。

62. Despite any damage and the disruption of public utilities and service, the surviving hospitals might be expected to offer the best facilities for surgical procedures. The Director would have to enforce strict priorities for the admission of casualties to prevent hospitals being overwhelmed. In general, hospitals should, initially, accept only those casualties who, after limited surgical procedures, would be likely to be alive after seven days, with a fair chance of eventual recovery. The more complete the recovery that could be expected, the higher the priority for admission. People suffering from radiation sickness only, should not be admitted. There is no specific treatment for radiation injury, although spontaneous recovery may be assisted by good nursing, and all radiation cases should be nursed in the community. Hospitals would call forward priority cases from CCCs as space for their treatment became available. Casualties would be returned to the community as soon as their clinical condition allowed.


[Home Defence Circular HDC 77 1 quoted inhills borough independent gov uk]
かなり強力なトリアージを定めている。これに相当するシーンが「The War Game (BBC 1965) 25:28」にある。

The single most harrowing paragraph, perhaps, comes from Health Circular HDC 77 with instructions to hospitals:

"Hospitals should accept only those casualties who would be likely to be alive after seven days with a fair chance of eventual recovery. People suffering from radiation sickness only should not be admitted. There is no specific treatment for radiation injury"


[Mary McGrory:"The Sacry Acceptance of Nuclear War (1981//05/10) on Toledo Blade]

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