Al Goreを記念して、温暖化/進化/HIV否定論にもりあがるUncommon Descent

Al GoreとIPCCへのノーベル賞授与決定[ie. New Scientist]となれば、温暖化否定論をとるDiscovery InstituteやDembskiと仲間たちのブログUncommon Descentが、ただちに反応してくる。

とりあえず今日はUncommon Descentから:
Al Gore won the Nobel Prize today for his work in global warming. I understand that each Nobel winner gets a cash award of about $1,500,000. This will come in handy for Gore, so he can pay all those utility bills for his home, which consumes more than 10 times the energy of the average American home.

Al Goreは地球温暖化についての業績により、今日、ノーベル賞を獲得した。ノーベル賞受賞者は賞金150万ドルを受け取る。これをGoreは何に使ってもいいので、平均的米国家庭の10倍以上エネルギーを消費する彼の家の公共料金支払いにも使える。

[BarryA: "Gore Wins Nobel Prize" (2007/10/12) on Uncommon Descent]
6 BarryA 10/12/2007 1:52 pm

ex-xian, Gore is an hypocrite on the environment; he is kinda dim; he’s a liar (not Clinton-class, but a liar nevertheless); he’s never done anything particulary noteworthy to promote the cause of world peace. He has absolutely no qualifications to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. At least he’s not a terrorist like Yassir Arafat. I think this award will go down in history as the moment the Nobel Committee announced its utter allegiance to liberal politics even at the expense of its legitimacy (what little it had left after the Arafat debacle).

Goreは環境についての偽善者だ。Goreはアホだ。Goreはウソツキだ。クリントン級ではないが、いずれにせよウソツキだ。Goreは世界平和のために注目すべきことを何もしていない。Goreにはノーベル平和賞を授与される資格などない。少なくともYassir Arafatのようなテロリストではない。ノーベル賞委員会はリベラル政治へまったくの忠誠に、(アラファトを受賞させた失敗の後にわずかに残っているかもしれない)正統性の対価を払ったという点で、歴史に残るだろう。
みごとに、進化否定論・HIV否定論[ie DaveScot]・温暖化否定論をとりそろえている。

14 idnet.com.au 10/12/2007 4:14 pm

Guys, when those against ID read us talking in a way that appears to “deny” global warming, they see us as ignorant. There is said to be evidence that ID people were also opposed to the link between HIV and AIDS.


IMHO we should avoid talking too much about topics that are not closely aligned to ID.


I realise that being sceptical is a virtue but I fear that some who would otherwise be helped by ID discussion may be put off by what we say on unrelated issues.


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25 PaV 10/12/2007 9:23 pm
... ex-xian, you don’t seem to have a clue, so I will kindly give you one. The link between Darwinism, HIV/AIDS and Global Warming: government funding! So what we have is basically “scientific political correctness”...



ニセ科学「AIDS再評価運動」とID理論 (2007/07/05)
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