Washington PostとWashigton Timesの区別がつかない?米国商工会議所

米国商工会議所がWashington Postのどの記事を参照したのだろうか?というネタ:
商工会議所のウェブページには、「『Washington Post』紙によると、この法案で米国人の生活は大々的な転換が必要になるという」と記されている。

それが同紙のどの記事からの引用かは示されていない。ブッシュ政権誕生以来、「拒否と怠惰によって7年近くが失われたいま、この法案はブッシュ大統領にチャンスを提示している。大統領はこれをつかむべきだ」と論ずるWashington Post紙の社説のことでないのだけは確かなようだ。

[「温室効果ガスを70%カット」法案に反対する動画CM (2007/12/10) on Wired Vision]

"According to the Washington Post, this bill will require a wholesale transformation of the American way of life," reads the accompanying Chamber ">web page. They don't give a citation to the actual article, but they certainly didn't mean the Washington Post editorial that said, "After nearly seven years of lost opportunity attributable to denial and inaction, the bill presents President Bush with an opening. He should seize it."

[Ridiculous Climate Propaganda From the Chamber of Commerce (2007/12/07) on Blog Wired]
Washington Postでなければどこだろう?...ということで探してみたら、あった。統一教会系の新聞Washington Timesの社説:
Titled the "America's Climate Security Act," the bill's end results would cause serious damage to our economic security and at best have a negligible impact on the world's rising greenhouse-gas emission levels. It also does nothing to boost nuclear-energy development, one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources. The bill fails to compensate and protect consumers from rising natural gas prices and harms job security by encouraging companies to move overseas to nations with less draconian standards. In short, the bill's effects would land a crippling encroachment on U.S. power plants, factories and transportation sectors.


One analysis by CRA International estimates the Lieberman-Warner bill will cost $4 to $6 trillion over 40 years. The American Council for Capital Formation has concluded that the legislation's emissions-swapping scheme would lead to "higher energy prices, lost jobs and reduced [gross domestic product]." During testimony before a House committee, Peter Orszag, director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), stated that such swapping programs known as "cap-and-trade" would create "windfall" profits -- profits that have even been denounced by presidential candidate John Edwards. The CBO has also cautioned that "price increases would disproportionately affect people at the lower end of the income scale." It is baffling that congressional Democrats, who never cease to spout their populist rhetoric, are ignoring such a clarion call for ensuring economic stability among low and middle-income families.

CRA Internationalの分析では、Lieberman-Warner法は今後40年間に、4兆〜6兆ドルの費用がかかると推定される。米国資本形成委員会(ACCF)は、法案の排出権取引スキームは、エネルギー価格を高騰させ、雇用を減少させ、GDPを減少させると結論した。下院委員会の前の公聴会で、議会予算局のPeter Orszag局長が「キャップアンドトレードはタナボタ利益を生み出す」と証言した。このタナボタには、大統領候補John Edwardsでさえ非難した。議会予算局はさらに「価格上昇は低所得層に、より大きな影響を及ぼす」と警告した。ポピュリストなレトリックをやめようとしない議会民主党が、中低所得層の経済の安定を保証を求める明らかな声を無視するのには困惑させられる。
[Globaloney (2007/11/11) on Washington Times]

ということで、おそらく、米国商工会議所の人々はWashington PostとWashigton Timesの区別がつかないと思われる。

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