[Ohio's House Bill 597, introduced in the House of Representatives on July 28, 2014, would, if enacted, require the state's science standards to "prohibit political or religious interpretation of scientific facts in favor of another" − and a sponsor of the bill told a newspaper that it would allow local school districts to teach creationism alongside evolution and global warming denial alongside climate science.

Andy Thompson (R-District 95), who along with Matt Huffman (R-District 4) introduced HB 597, which is primarily aimed at repealing Common Core, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer (August 19, 2014) that the clause in question (in the newspaper's words) "prevents teachers and schools from only presenting one side of a political and scientific debate − global warming, for example, without presenting the other side."

2014年7月28日にオハイオ州下院に提案されたHB597は成立すれば、州理科教育基準に対して「別の側を選好して、科学的事実を政治的あるいは宗教的に解釈することを禁じる」 州法案の提案者は新聞に、この州法案により学区は進化論とともに創造論、気候科学とともに温暖化否定論を教えることができるようになると述べた。

共和党District95選出Andy Thompson州下院議員は、共和党District4選出Matt Huffman州下院議員はHB597を提案し、"Common Core"の撤回を狙っている。彼らはCleveland Plain dealer紙(2014/08/19)に対して、「地球温暖化などについて政治的及び科学的議論の一方側だけを提示し、もう一方を提示しないことを教師及び学校に禁じている」と述べた(言い間違えた)。


According to the Columbus Dispatch (August 19, 2014), HB 597 was assigned not to the House Education Committee but to the House Rules and Reference Committee, "which is run by top House GOP leaders and rarely hears bills." Huffman told the Dispatch that "he plans to hold six hearings over three weeks. The plan is to vote it out of committee to set up a full House vote soon after the November election."

Columbus Dispatch紙(2014/08/18)によれば、HB597は州下院教育委員会ではなく、「州下院共和党指導者たちが運営し、州法案について公聴会を開くことがあまりない」州下院議事運営委員会に送られた。Huffman州下院議員はDispatch紙に「3週間で6回の公聴会を開く計画だ。11月の議会選挙後にすぐくに、委員会をとばして、州下院本会議で議決することを狙っている」と述べた。

[Antiscience legislation in Ohio (2014/08/19) on NCSE]

Hearings on the bill are already taking place, according to the legislative website.


[Update on Ohio's antiscience bill (2014/08/02) on NCSE]



  • オハイオ州下院に季節外れの反科学州法案HB597登場 (2014/08/22)







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House Bill 1472 would have, if enacted, required school districts to allow parents to have their children excused from learning about evolution: "Any school district or charter school which provides instruction relating to the theory of evolution by natural selection" would have to have "a policy on parental notification and a mechanism where a parent can choose to remove the student from any part of the district's or school's instruction on evolution." Parents and guardians would receive a notification containing "[t]he basic content of the district's or school's evolution instruction to be provided to the student" and "[t]he parent's right to remove the student from any part of the district's or school's evolution instruction." Interviewed by the Kansas City Star (February 6, 2014), the bill's sponsor Rick Brattin (R-District 55) described evolution as "just as much faith and, you know, just as much pulled out of the air as, say, any religion." HB 1472 was passed by the House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education on March 12, 2014, but subsequently died in the House Rules Committee.

HB1472は成立していれば、子供たちが進化論を学ばないことを両親が容認することを、学区に認めることを義務付ける。「自然選択による進化理論に関する教育を行う、学区及びチャータースクールは、進化論についての教育から子供たちを除外することが可能であることを両親・保護者に通知しなければならない。」両親・保護者は「生徒たちに提供される学区あるいは学校の進化論教育の基本内容」及び「学区あるいは学校の進化論教育のいかなる部分からも子供を除外できる権利がある」という通知を受け取れれる。Kansas City Startのインタビューで、州法案の提案者Rick Brattin(共和党District 55)は、進化論を「いかなる空気、いわば州j教から引き出せるようなものでしかない」と述べていあ。HB1472は州下院初等中等教育委員会を2014年3月12日に通過したが、州下院議事運営委員会で廃案となった。

House Bill 1587 would have, if enacted, deprived administrators of the ability to prevent teachers from miseducating students about "scientific controversies," specifically citing "the theory of biological and hypotheses of chemical evolution" as controversial. HB 1587 would have required state and local educational authorities to "assist teachers to find more effective ways to present the science curriculum where it addresses scientific controversies and permit teachers "to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of the theory of biological and hypotheses of chemical evolution"; it would have prevented such authorities from "prohibit[ing] any teacher in a public school system of this state from helping students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of biological or chemical evolution whenever these subjects are taught." The bill was referred to the House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education, where it died without a hearing.


[Antievolution bills die in Missouri (2014/05/16) on NCSE]







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Louisiana's Senate Bill 175 (PDF) was tabled on a 3-1 vote in the Senate Education Committee on April 24, 2014, which effectively kills the bill in committee, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate (April 24, 2014). The bill, introduced by Karen Carter Peterson (D-District 5), would, if enacted, repeal Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:285.1, which implemented the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act, passed and enacted in 2008, and thus opened the door for scientifically unwarranted criticisms of evolution and climate science to be taught in the state's public schools. It was the fourth bill of its kind, following SB 26 in 2013, SB 374 in 2012, SB 70 in 2011.

[Repeal effort fails again in Louisiana(2914/04/24) on NCSE]


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The Columbian mammoth is on track to become the official state fossil of South Carolina, with no mention of its appearance on the Sixth Day of Creation.

As NCSE previously reported, after the South Carolina House passed House Bill 4482 in February 2014, the Senate amended it to add "as created on the Sixth Day with the other beasts of the field" after each instance of "mammoth."

When the House rejected the Senate's amendment in April 2014, the bill proceeded to a conference committee, whose six members included four legislators who already voted for the "Sixth Day" version of the bill.

Yet the committee prepared a new version of the bill that omits any reference to the Sixth Day of Creation, ...


The amended version of HB 4482 was passed on a 98-0 vote in the House on May 13, 2014; it now presumably returns to the Senate for its approval.


[A mammoth victory in South Carolina?"]
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HB 4482, as introduced in the House on January 14, 2014, designated the woolly mammoth as the official state fossil of South Carolina. According to The State (April 2, 2014), the proposal was due to eight-year-old paleontology enthusiast Olivia McConnell, in part because "its teeth were one of the first vertebra[t]e fossils found in North America, dug up by slaves on a South Carolina plantation in 1725."

Amended to specify that the Columbian mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) would be the official state fossil, HB 4482 passed the House on a 94-3 vote on February 19, 2014, and proceeded to the Senate. The Senate Committee on Judiciary tinkered slightly with the language of the bill, but reported it favorably to the Senate. When the bill reached the Senate floor in late March 2014, however, controversy ensued.

2014年1月14日に、サウスカロライナ州下院に提案されたHB4482はウーリーマンモスの化石を州公式化石に指定する。TheStateの報道によれば、提案は8歳の化石ファンOlivia McConnellによるもので、「その歯は北米で最初に発見された脊椎動物の化石で、1725年にサウスカロライナ州のプランテーションで奴隷によって掘り当てらてた」ことも理由である。

Columbian mammothを州公式化石に指定するように修正されて、HB4482は2014年2月19日に94-3で州下院本会議を通過し、州上院に送られた。州上院司法委員会は州法案の記述を少し修正して、支持意見を付けて州上院本会議へ送った。2014年3月遅くに州法案が州上院本会議に到達して、問題が起きた。

On March 25, 2014, while HB 4482 was under discussion, Kevin L. Bryant (R-District 3) sought to amend the bill to designate Genesis 1:24-25, which describes the sixth day of creation, as the official state passage from an ancient historical text. His amendment was ruled out of order as introducing "new and independent matter." NPR (April 2, 2014) reported that Bryant explained on his website, "I attempted to recognize the creator."

2014年3月25日のHB4482の審議で、共和党District3のKevin L. Bryant州上院議員が、6日間の創造を記述した創世記1章24-25節を古文書記述の州公式記述に指定しようとした。彼の修正案は「新規かつ独立な事項」として除外された。NPRの報道によれば、Bryant州上院議員は自分のサイトで「私は創造主を認識させようとした」と説明した。

Regrouping, Bryant sought to amend the bill to add "as created on the Sixth Day with the other beasts of the field" after each instance of "mammoth." He told the Greenville News (April 1, 2014), "Since we're dealing with the fossil of the woolly mammoth then this amendment would deal with the beginning of the woolly mammoth." He also suggested that the bill would survive constitutional scrutiny "because it doesn't point to a single religion."

The bill with Bryant's amendment, along with a further amendment establishing "a moratorium on the enactment of legislation establishing official state symbols and emblems," proposed by a senator who told The State, "It's past time for the state of South Carolina to recognize we have enough state official whatevers," was passed by the Senate on a 35-0 vote on April 2, 2014. 

考え直したBryant州上院議員は「マンモス」に「他の獣とともに創造の6日間に創造された」と加える修正を試みた。彼はGreenville Newsに対して、「我々はウーリーマンモスについて論じており、この修正はウーリーマンモスの起源に関するものだ。一つの宗教を指定したものではないので、憲法問題にはあたらない」と述べた。


[A mammoth debate in South Carolina(2014/04/04) on NCSE]


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