[Jesse Preston and Nicholas Epley: "Science and God: An automatic opposition between ultimate explanations", J. Experimental Soc. Psychology, 45, 238–241, 2009.]

Science and religion have come into conflict repeatedly throughout history, and one simple reason for this is the two offer competing explanations for many of the same phenomena. We present evidence that the conflict between these two concepts can occur automatically, such that increasing the perceived value of one decreases the automatic evaluation of the other. In Experiment 1, scientific theories described as poor explanations decreased automatic evaluations of science, but simultaneously increased automatic evaluations of God. In Experiment 2, using God as an explanation increased automatic evaluations of God, but decreased automatic evaluations of science. Religion and science both have the potential to be ultimate explanations, and these findings suggest that this competition for explanatory space can create an automatic opposition in evaluations.

Participants read two passages that briefly described the Big Bang Theory and the Primordial Soup Hypothesis. In the Strong Explanation condition, each passage concluded with a statement that ‘‘this was the best scientific theory on the subject to date, and does much to account for the known data and observations." In the Weak Explanation condition, each passage concluded with a statement that ‘‘this was the best scientific theory on the subject to date, but it does not account for the other data and observations very well, and raises more questions than it answers."

Preston and Epley[2009]では、「科学vs神」を調査対象としているが、「神」ではなく別なものを置いても、同様な自動的な評価が起きる可能性があると思われる。


[ニセ科学の総合商社としてのEM (2008/10/28) on 幻影随想]



[2008-03-21 911陰謀論と千島学説の関係は? (2008/03/21) on NATROMの日記]


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ネット世論調査は調査側の都合のよい結果を得る以外に有意味ではないというPZ Myers準教授がまたひとつ、アフォな世論調査を見つけた。

==>PZ Myers: "Christianity Today is full of fools, apparently" (2009/05/01) on Pharyngula

PZ Myers準教授が発見して時点の状況は:
Christianity Today Poll
What best describes your view of the origins of creation?

Young-earth creationism 29%
Old-earth creationism 28%
Theistic evolution 26%
Naturalistic evolution 4%
I don't know 7%
None of the above 6%

[copied by PZ Myers]
ネット世論調査クラッシャーでもあるPZ Myers準教授は、当該エントリのポストすることで、Chrischanity Todayのネット世論調査は、何の意味も持たないゴミに変えた:
Christianity Today Poll
What best describes your view of the origins of creation?

Young-earth creationism 10%
Old-earth creationism 10%
Theistic evolution 10%
Naturalistic evolution 62%
I don't know 3%
None of the above 4%

Total Votes: 4153

[Chrischanity Today, 魚拓]

なお、PZ Meyrs準教授が粉砕したネット世論調査にはこんなのもある。

==>忘却からの帰還: "Larry King Live"のおバカなネット世論調査でAtheimが... (2007/09/03)

タグ:poll 創造論
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創造論やインテリジェントデザインをおちょくるネタを見つけるのにも長けているPZ Myers準教授が面白いネタを見つけた
[Intelligent Design Sort]

Intelligent design sort is a sorting algorithm based on the theory of intelligent design.


The probability of the original input list being in the exact order it's in is 1/(n!). There is such a small likelihood of this that it's clearly absurd to say that this happened by chance, so it must have been consciously put in that order by an intelligent Sorter. Therefore it's safe to assume that it's already optimally Sorted in some way that transcends our naïve mortal understanding of "ascending order". Any attempt to change that order to conform to our own preconceptions would actually make it less sorted.


This algorithm is constant in time, and sorts the list in-place, requiring no additional memory at all. In fact, it doesn't even require any of that suspicious technological computer stuff. Praise the Sorter!


これを載せているDM's Home Pageには、こんなのも載っている:

Dropsort is run on an ordered list of numbers by examining the numbers in sequence, beginning with the second number in the list. If the number being examined is less than the number before it, drop it from the list. Otherwise, it is in sorted order, so keep it. Then move to the next number.


After a single pass of this algorithm, the list will only contain numbers that are at least as large as the previous number in the list. In other words, the list will be sorted!



  1. Check if your list of number is sorted. If so, stop. If not, go to step 2.
  2. Rearrange the list of numbers randomly.
  3. Go to step 1.
DropsortはOrder(n)のソートで、BogosortはOrder(n*n!)のソート(乱数生成&大小比較n × 正しい順が出現する確率 1/n!の逆数)である。
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キリスト教系のアフォを見つけるアンテナが強力なPZ Myers準教授がまたアフォな聖職者を見つけた。
Archbishop Timothy Dolan yesterday said advocates of gay marriage "are asking for trouble," arguing that traditional, one-man/one-woman marriage is rooted in people's moral DNA.

Timothy Dolan大司教は昨日(2009/04/22)、伝統的な一夫一婦は人々の倫理DNAに根ざしたものであると論じて、「ゲイの結婚の主唱者たちはトラブルを求めている」と述べた。

"There's an in-built code of right and wrong that's embedded in the human DNA," Dolan told The Post in an exclusive, wide-ranging interview, a week after becoming the New York Archdiocese's new leader.

"Hard-wired into us is a dictionary, and the dictionary defines marriage as between one man, one woman for life, please God, leading to the procreation of human life."

「人間のDNAには善と悪のビルトインコードがある。我々にハードコーディングされた辞書があり、辞書は結婚を出産に先立つ、生涯の一夫一婦と定義している」とThe Postの単独インタビューで、来週、ニューヨーク大司教区に着任するTimothy Dolan大司教は述べた。

[Dan Mangan: "TAMPER WITH MARRIAGE & WE'RE IN BIG TROUBLE" (2009/04/23) on New York Postvia Pharyngula]

これについて、PZ Myers準教授は...
Every word an ignorant lie. There is no genetic basis for a moral code except, perhaps, in the broadest sense of intrinsic rewards for social behavior -- Catholicism is not biologically heritable. There is nothing in us that hardwires simplistic monogamy -- human cultures have had a wide range of different patterns of sexual behavior. And gay people do not have desires in defiance of their biological impulses, but as consequences of them.


[PZ Myers: "Moral DNA?" (2009/04/24) on Pharyngula]

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[Laughing (2008/12/05) on Flea Snobbery
via Pharyngula]

"GODS HA HA HA!"と言っているヒゲの男がどことなく、PZ Myers準教授な気がする。
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